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 Our Goal 

To progress the affinity and passion for the Gin category in the U.S. amongst distillers, the beverage trade (on- and off-premise stakeholders), and media.


 Our Mission 

Gin is recognized as a respected, innovative, and leading spirit category throughout the world. Here in the U.S., gin has seen an explosive resurgence, marked by a phenomenal rise in consumer demand, cocktail creativity,  and media enthusiasm. The goal of the U.S. Gin Association is to celebrate the passion for and innovation within this growing category through education and share the wonderful new things U.S. gin distillers bring to the market each year. The demand for U.S.-distilled gin is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years; as such, this association will be a source of expertise.



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There are no membership dues for the United States Gin Association at this time.  Membership dues are subject to change. All licensed U.S. gin distillers are welcome. 

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